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Kamloops Strongest Man 
July 26, 2014 - Kamloop's Strongest Man - Kamloops, BC

Tire Flipping
Log press
Atlas stones
Push / Pull / Carry
Keg Loading
Car Deadlifting
Giant Dumbbell Press

Men's Heavy Weight
Men's Light Weight
Mens Super Light Weight
Open Woman's Class
Local Kamloops Sponsored Event
Family Friendly

Please contact Robin Wright by phone at 778-257-3141.


BCEA Events Promoter & Producer

Robin Wright, Extreme Athletes PromoterRobin Wright has become a recognized BCEA Events Promoter and Producer for Strongman and Highland Games throughout British Columbia. 

BCEA events have captured the hearts of thousands of fans and families  through its exciting competitions and exhibitions.  As BCEA's popularity continues to grow, community leaders reach out to Robin to invite BCEA athletes to their local events.  

Robin has earned a reputation as an individual who can deliver quality events with the help of BCEA strength athletes who are committed to training hard and putting on a great show.

  During the past year BCEA has begun to receive invitations to stage shows in other parts of Canada.  The BCEA is also launching plans to work with X-Athletes from a variety of sports disciplines to add to its exciting Events Rosters.

Want to Participate in Strongman?

Are you a strength athlete with a strong desire to compete, entertain and have fun?   Do you enjoy being in the spotlight along with camaraderie, friendship and being part of a fast growing  organization.  Become a member of the BCEA and join our exciting roster of Strongman and other X-Athletes.  Don't delay contact Robin Wright today or submit an application on-line.  Find out out how you can get started today!

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2012 has been a busy year for the BCEA!  Check out our Events section for the latest news, videos, photo galleries and more!

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Tire FlipAre you interested in becoming a member of the BC X-Athletes?  We accept applications from athletes worldwide!  Find out what it takes to compete and join in this fun and entertaining sport! 

For only a small annual fee, you will be eligible to receive discounted event registration fees and the ability to win some great prizes and promotional items.   Don't delay contact Robin Wright today or submit an application.

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